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What is staking?

Only stake if necessary…

Studies have shown that trees establish more quickly and develop stronger trunk and root systems if they are not staked at the time of planting. However, staking may be required when planting on windy sites or when there is a large crown to rootball ratio. 


When staking is necessary, ensure it’s done right.

Standard staking methods used at Trees SA

We use a 2-pole staking method for our 250-litre trees.

For 500-litre and larger sizes, we use a 3-way roped staking.

Pedestrian staking

Busy public space? We can help with a neat staking method that protects your tree. 

Specialised staking…

Trees are unique. So are you. 

Speak to us regarding your unique staking requirements and we’ll accommodate you and your tree.



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