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Trees that will create shade

They say…”Blessed are those who plant trees under whose shade they will never sit.”

Well… let us bless you with trees under whose shade YOU WILL SIT… tomorrow!

One of the most popular reasons for buying a large tree is the requirement for instant shade in the garden. Moreover, your property value will increase, your electric bill will decrease and you will leave a legacy for generations to come. You can read more about the benefits of trees on another article here.

We can provide you with suitable shade tree options in both evergreen and deciduous types. The deciduous trees are commonly omitted from the tree options due to them losing their leaves in winter. However, we’ve found that these species generally provide more lush and large canopies of shade in summer and therefore highly recommend them as suitable shade tree options.

Click on the name to learn more about that tree.

Botanical Name Common Name Origin Type
Celtis sinensis Chinese Hackberry / Chinese Nettelboom Exotic Deciduous
Quercus palustris Pin Oak / Naaldeik Exotic Deciduous
Quercus nigra Water Oak / Watereik Exotic Deciduous
Celtis africana White Stinkwood / Witstinkhout Indigenous Deciduous
Platanus acerifolia London Plane Tree / Gewone Plataan Exotic Deciduous
Ulmus parvifolia Chinese Elm / Flynblaarolm Exotic Deciduous
Harpephyllum caffrum Wild Plum / Wildepruim Indigenous Evergreen
Ficus natalensis Natal Fig / Natalvy Indigenous Evergreen
Ficus rubiginosa Rusty Fig / Port Jacksonvy Exotic Evergreen
Syzygium cordatum Water Berry / Waterbessie Indigenous Evergreen
Trichilia emetica Natal Mahogany / Rooiessenhout Indigenous Evergreen
Ceratonia siliqua Carob / Karob Exotic Evergreen

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