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  • Olea africana 500-litre

    Olea africana 500-litre

  • Olea africana 1000-litre

    Olea africana 1000-litre

  • Olea africana 3000-litre

    Olea africana 3000-litre

  • Olea africana planted in a pot

    Olea africana planted in a pot

  • Mature Olea africana - Stellenbosch

    Mature Olea africana - Stellenbosch

  • Olea africana 3000-litres

    Olea africana 3000-litres

  • Mature Olea africana - Franschhoek

    Mature Olea africana - Franschhoek



    Very Drought Resistant

    Growing Speed


    Coastal Tolerance


    Suitable for a small garden

    Suitable to plant in pot

    Ornamental / Feature Tree

    Attracts Birds


    Fruiting Season

    Autumn / Winter

    Miscellaneous Characteristics

    Protected tree in the Northern Cape, Free State and the North West province.



    Wind Tolerance


    Ideal for Windbreak

    Non-Edible Fruit

    Flowering Season

    Spring / Winter

    Flower Colour



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    An ornamental tree with glossy grey-green leaves and dainty wine coloured to black fruits. This tree doesn’t get very tall but can form impressive trunks and can be quite long-lived. A very hardy tree that can withstand extreme coastal and windy conditions. The flowers are rather inconspicuous but you will be treated by their fragrant sweet smell in Winter and Spring seasons. If you’re looking for a feature tree that won’t get very big, but will live long, we can recommend the Wild Olive.

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