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Tree care guide

WATERING – This is the most important factor in tree care.


Water can be applied manually, or via dripper pipe controlled either manually or connected to a computerized system. COMPUTER CONTROLLED DRIPPER PIPE APPLICATION IS THE ONLY RELIABLE METHOD OF WATERING! MANUAL WATERING IS NEVER RELIABLE!


If we planted your tree, we will provide you with customized watering guidelines based on the tree species and soil conditions. Please ensure you follow these guidelines.


You can read more regarding the details of correct tree watering here.


A tree is staked if it has a large canopy and is situated in windy conditions. It is a temporary structure that can be removed when the tree has become established. Read more on staking here.


DO NOT COVER the trunk flare. Trunk flares are part of the trunk, not part of a tree’s root system. Bark protects tree trunks from atmospheric elements, but it does not resist soil moisture as well as the root covering can.


Apply a layer of organic mulch not more than 50mm thick around the base of the tree. Keep it clear of the trunk to avoid root rot. We recommend wood chip mulch.


Benefits: reduces evaporation; keeps soil cooler in summer and warmer in winter; inhibits weed growth; organic nutrients released into soil; keeps lawnmowers away from tree trunk; less competition for water between tree and grass; no soil splatter in rainy season; and it just looks good.


Add a slow release fertilizer every 3 months. We recommend the following combinations of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium for the different seasons: Summer 3-1-5; Winter 2-3-2; Spring 13-3-5.

Read more on fertilizer here.


Mature trees should be inspected every 2 to 5 years for pruning and maintenance needs. Read more on pruning here.


It is important to look at your leaves and bark for any signs of distress. There are many factors that can cause a tree to become stressed in its new environment. You can read more about the general tree diseases on our here.



Visit one of our tree nurseries and choose from our wide range of trees. We’ll deliver. We’ll plant. You’ll transform your landscape almost overnight.

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