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Delivery and Installation

By recording tree growth and analysing what makes them resilient and unique, we’ve developed our systems to ensure that your trees thrive in whichever transplanted setting.

Tree Delivery and Installation

We’ve spent the past three decades developing our intimate understanding of large trees in South Africa – we’ve recorded how they grow, we’ve analysed what makes them resilient and unique, and we’ve developed propriety systems and processes to ensure that they flourish in whichever transplanted setting.

We understand that every tree is unique and each space, different.

Every single tree installation that we do is planned, treated and quoted as an independent project.

Before the installation process begins, we’ll first assess the best suited tree, discuss these options with you, and reach an agreement before we proceed.

Take a look at our Portfolio page to sample some inspiration and gain confidence for your very own tree planting project.

Tree Watering

We’ll never leave you without support and with every tree planted by us, we’ll offer you irrigation specifications and a seasonal watering schedule that is based on the tree species and soil type for your garden.
For more detailed information on the effective watering of large, newly planted trees, click here.

For the really large trees in 2000-litre bags and above, we offer a specialised post-installation service called Tree Monitoring.

Our Tree Monitoring service offers the peace of mind that your freshly planted tree flawlessly thrives within your particular landscape.
This service entails monthly site visits for soil moisture assessments.

Tree Rescue and Relocation

We are a truly specialist service and we could even go as far as saying we’re ‘one of a kind’ when looking at our past successes. Thanks to our experience and established knowledge of local species, we’ve successfully executed tree relocations that would never have been thought possible in South Africa.

Our machinery isn’t just engineered to deliver and plant our trees; it is also perfect for tree relocation, meaning that tree felling is no longer the only option for a tree in the wrong place in your garden. Now, with our help, you’ll retain a beautiful tree and the value of your property.

It is entirely possible that the rescuing of the tree could be at no cost to you. To find out whether we can relocate or rescue your tree, please email us a photograph of the tree in question. You can also send the photo via WhatsApp to 060 983 8453.

When it comes to relocation and rescue of trees, our track record is our guarantee. Have a look at our bigger, Rescue and Relocation Projects below.

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