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Large Mature Trees Exported

When you need a 40FT open-top container for one tree, then you know that tree is very large. Here’s how we loaded 21 of our biggest trees into 11 x 40FT containers in only 3 days.
mature tree export
The process of loading such large trees is very delicate and precise. It requires expert rigging as well as arboricultural knowledge and experience to ensure you give the tree the best chance to survive the long 40 day journey across the ocean (with no light nor water). The success of the loading lies in the details.

First, ensure you select a healthy specimen tree. We had plenty to choose from. 🙂

Second, consider the crown width of the tree – will it be able to fit into a 2.5m wide container? If not, how will you prune it to attain its shape but fit into the container? These are all questions that can only be answered by an expert of tree pruning.

Third, one must rig the tree in a horizontal manner to be able to load them slowly and softly with expert precision into the container without any damage to the branches or stem. This requires expert rigging, crane operation and technical skills.


Watch a 40 sec video of how this operation takes place below.

Lastly… water, water, water – how do you soak these rootballs of the trees to ensure they survive the journey? Well, that’s our trade secret but we can assure you that our trees have not only survived their journey, but flourished in their new homes.

We are waiting on feedback of these giants but have a look at our previous export projects to see our results:


When it comes to exporting your trees, choose the mature tree experts.
Choose Trees South Africa.

…and don’t forget to take awesome photos!



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