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Fragile Frangipani

In collaboration with Heimo Schulzer Gardens, we delivered and installed 36 trees at a gorgeous home in Bishop’s Court. Of these 36 trees, the 3000-litre Frangipani was by far the most fragile on the most challenging access conditions. But when you see this beautiful tree, you will understand why it was worth it.

Heimo Schulzer’s team had a vision for this tree to be given the home it deserves. Elevated on the top of the property in a planter, overlooking the valley. Being a Frangipani, the wood is very soft and can easily break. Not to mention that the tree was very wide with many branches. But this wasn’t the challenging part… The challenging part was getting the truck to the parking spot below the planter on the edge of a precipice, where we needed to hoist the tree over the nose of the crane truck. We all held our breath as the back wheels creaked and lifted a few inches off the ground as the weight of the tree pushed the truck onto the front wheels.

With the tree safely placed into the planter, a specialised structure was designed by us in order to support the tree (stake) from prevailing winds in the area.

We are loving the result!

frangipani bishops court

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