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The Olive Tree Villa in Yzerfontein

Olive trees are known for not only their fruit but also the spectacular structural shapes they can become once they mature. Our client had a long-term dream to have a beautiful olive tree in their guest house one day, which will be the main focal feature.

After contacting us in 2017, we went on a search for the perfect specimen tree to fulfil this dream. A year went by until we found a stunning fruiting Olive hiding away at another nursery. The planting date was finally set in July 2018 and off we went to plant 23 trees!


Greeting us at the house, was Clayton from Paarman Landscapes, who was ready to do some serious planting for the day. From organising planting holes, to doing all the landscaping for the client, to finishing off the final touches to the planting, we couldn’t have asked for a better team. Have a look at our gallery for some of the stunning photos taken by Clayton on the day. We can’t wait to see the final product once the landscaping is complete.

Considering the windy conditions of Yzerfontein, the choice of tree species was important to ensure the long-term survival. Our Arborist did a site visit to assess the viability of various tree species for the unique town of Yzerfontein. Luckily Olive trees do very well in windy conditions and were the easy choice. The second tree species selected was specifically chosen for their screening ability and excellent wind tolerance – The Wild Camphor Bush tree. The following trees were planted:

16 x 250-litre Tarchonanthus camphoratus (Wild Camphor Bush)

1 x 1000-litre Olea africana (Wild Olive)

5 x 1000-litre Olea europaea (Fruiting Olive)

1 x 3000-litre Olea europaea (Fruiting Olive)


Tricky sand dunes and long reaches to the courtyard required some serious crane work manoeuvres but the stunning sea views of the West coast kept our spirits high as we planted trees all day.

As we sign off this project, we are reminded of the words of William Shakespeare that states:
“Peace puts forth her Olive everywhere”.

The name of the guest house will be called “The Olive”.

The Olive Tree Villa was featured on Top Billing on 4 May 2019. Our owner, Dag Willems, provides insight into the tricky installation with regards to the main star of the show – the olive tree.

See the full excerpt from the show below.



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