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Enchanting trees for Battery Park – V&A Waterfront

What better way to welcome you to the gateway of the Waterfront than some magically large trees that light the way?

A new urban park has been opened in November 2018 and we are thrilled to have played a part in the supply, delivery and installation of the large trees. 


The 12 0000 mpark connects Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront with the central business district via beautiful pedestrian routes along the old Amsterdam Battery and the new canal.  

“Trees form an integral part of any park, without the wonderful shade and other microclimatic improvements, the space will be hostile to any user. Indigenous trees are situated in natural ground areas, beyond the slab, towards the surviving battery walls. A combination of extra-large specimen trees and smaller tree sizes gives a sense of a semi-established garden.”

You can read more about the landscaping and design element on the Prolandscaper Africa’s February 2019 edition.

Click here to read the magazine article

In terms of the delivery and installation of the trees, we had our work cut out for us. Having a couple of very large trees to transport and plant in very small spaces for high-urban use required precision planting and pedestrian staking.

Our qualified crane operators and planters got the job done in record time and also moved one of the historical canons in place on the same day. 

Our custom pedestrian staking ensures the safety of the trees and the people by securing the trees with very strong poles and also providing the trees with the necessary safety from possible vandalism. 

In less than a year, a new space has been created and transformed into a magical and enchanting wonderland to the city’s iconic Waterfront. Without the trees, it would just be a a cold concrete slab, don’t you think?

“David Green, V&A Waterfront CEO said: “A key objective of the V&A Waterfront has always been to re-establish the connection between the city and the sea, which we have achieved with the pedestrian path that runs alongside the Canal. Equally important, the ruins of the historic Amsterdam Battery have been retained in the Park as a new heritage site. A key focus of the development was also to offer views of the Waterfront and surrounding CBD, as well as retain and enhance the historically important line of sight between the Battery and the Noon Day gun site on Signal Hill. Our overarching vision though, was to provide a functional, convenient, comfortable, safe and unrestricted space with recreational activities for all age groups.””

This kind of project always involved a number of landscape architects and designers. We’d like to thank Planning Partners and Contours Landscapes for selecting our trees for the project.



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