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(All prices excludes VAT)

Tree Delivery & Installation Rates

Please see the table below, summarising the rates applicable. It is important that you read the conditions and further information below, in order to understand the various possible scenarios.

Bag size (litre)Distance from nursery (km)Delivery onlyDelivery & Installation Cost / Tree (ex VAT)Staking (ex VAT)
250-litrewithin 30kmR225R420R100
30 to 70kmR280R560R100
500-litrewithin 30km*R1,250R250
30 to 70km*R1,700R250
1000-litrewithin 30km*R1,500R400
30 to 70km*R2,000R400
2000-litrewithin 30km*R3,000R450
30 to 70km*R4,300R450
3000-litrewithin 30km***R550
30 to 70km***R550
4500-litrewithin 30km***R650
30 to 70km***R650

Due to difficult and time-consuming access routes, certain areas within the 70km distance may be subject to a 20% surcharge.

For areas exceeding 70km distance from our nursery please contact us for specific cost tailored to you location

* Available on request
** Varies between R6,000.00 and R11,000.00 if standard equipment (crane) is used. Each installation is an individual project and is planned and quoted for as such.
Note: All prices excludes VAT

Optional Additional Rates – All prices excludes VAT
  • Our special compost mix, delivered to site and mixed into the back fill during the installation of trees Rates:: <30km - R650.00; >30km, <70km - R750.00 cubic meter. In the case where the client supplies their own compost in bulk, a fee of R150.00 ex-vat / cube will be charged to crane or wheelbarrow compost to individual planting positions and mix with existing soil for backfilling of the planting hole.
    Requirements, if any, is assessed per site and discussed and agreed upon with the client.
  • As a rule we do not remove excess soil from the site. In exceptional cases we can agree to remove soil at a minimum cost of R650.00 / cubic meter.
Conditions and Further Information
  • The norm is that the client digs the planting holes according to our specifications.
  • To handle and plant one 250-litre tree requires a minimum of 5 men, more on difficult terrain. If planting sites are not within close proximity (20m) of vehicle access point, and / or situated on steep slopes, and / or up or down steps, a costing specific to the site will be quoted.
  • Tree delivery and installation within 7 working days from date of placing the order, except for 3000-litre trees and bigger, which will be arranged on an individual basis with the client.
  • If immediate delivery is required (less than 7 working days lead time) by the client, the following rates are applicable for bag size 250- to 1 000-litres: Normal rates (as above) x 2
  • Any larger than 250-litre bag size requires a crane to plant.
  • In exceptional cases, due to an individual tree being much larger than the norm for its bag size, delivery and installation will be charged at the rates applicable to the next bigger bag size.
  • Planting holes not dug to specifications provided by us, will be charged for at R600.00 / hour to complete planting holes according to specifications.
  • Staking of trees: Due to the good stem diameter (thickness) of tree stems, trees do generally not require staking. Under certain circumstances (very tall trees and very windy / exposed sites), it is necessary to install staking during the first growing season to anchor trees in the event of excessive wind and stormy conditions. Each installation is assessed on its own merits to determine whether staking is required.

For the extra large trees with heights up to 15 meter, crown widths of up to 8 meter and weighing up to 10 ton, the loading, transportation and installation becomes a project requiring proper planning, preparation and individual costing. Trees are being clamped and held in special loading frames and transportation frames on low bed trucks. Special abnormal load permits need to be obtained for transportation. In some instances permits for road closure have to be obtained. The delivery and installation of one tree can easily take two days to complete. See pictures for examples of loading and transportation.

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