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Baviaanskloof and beyond

The word Baviaanskloof, although derived from the Dutch “valley of baboons”, is associated with pristine nature, narrow gorges with flowing streams, steep mountain pases, vast plains with waving grasslands and views of unspoilt wilderness. Nature has taken its course over thousands of years to create what is today universally recognised as the Baviaanskloof World Heritage Site. Few other places in the world hold evidence of the footprint of human history spanning over a million years. – Baviaans Tourism website (

The Oudeberg Nature Reserve is a private reserve in the Baviaanskloof. Our team spent a week in the area to plant 80 mature trees for our client, creating an instant forest below their house. Getting them there was an adventure involving steep mountain ranges and deep valleys of 4×4 routes. It required skilled drivers and nerves of steel as we navigated narrow roads with full loads of trees.


First we had to take on the 560km road from the nursery to the destination. For this, we used superlink trucks to transport the bulk of the trees to a depot area. There our 4×4 trucks could transfer the loads and take on the 11km tyre-munching, rocky road to the house, which took over an hour to drive from beginning to end!

Our team worked tirelessly from sunrise to sunset to finish the project. We had 2 crane trucks and 1 smaller truck on site. The 1 crane truck was offloading at the depot area, the smaller truck was running the 11km road with full loads of trees all day, and the other crane truck was planting at the house.

The following species were planted:

4 x Afrocarpus latifolius  50L tree

2 x Ilex mitis 50L tree

5 x Buddleja saligna 250L

4 x Dodonea angustifolia 250L

5 x Buddleja salvifolia 250L

5 x Combretum kraussii 250L

3 x Olea africana 250L

7 x Searsia lancea 250L

7 x Searsia pendulina 250L

1 x Citrus x sinensis 500L

1 x Dodonea angustifolia 500L

3 x Erythrina lysistemon 500L

3 x Rapanea melanophloes 500L

2 x Searsia lancea 500L

3 x Vachellia sieberiana 500L

1 x Kigelia africana  500L

1 x Searsia lancea 1000L

3 x Combretum erythrophyllum 1000L

2 x Dombeya rotundifolia 1000L

2 x Pyrus communis 1000L

3 x Ficus sur 1000-litre

1 x Citrus lemon Cape Rough 2000L

1 x Malus domestica 2000L

1 x Dodonea angustifolia 2000L

1 x Searsia chiridensis 2000L

1 x Ekebergia capensis Northern Variety 2000L

1 x Vachellia karroo (Sweet Thorn) 3000L

1 x Prunus armeniaca (Apricot) 3000L

1 x Combretum kraussii (Forest bushwillow) 3000L

1 x Prunus cerasifera (Plum) 3000L

Trees sourced from other nurseries

1 x Banana 50-litre tree

1 x Mango 50-litre tree

1 x Avocadopear tree 50-litre tree

Of these 80 trees, our favourite (if we can have one), is definitely the Combretum kraussi (Forest Bushwillow) 3000L tree. It made an instant screen in front of the house and has added depth, colour, and character to the structure behind it. A true testament of how a tree is a transforming factor to your home design. You can read more about the value trees add to your property by clicking here: Grow your property value with us

We look forward to receiving updates from the clients about the growth of their forest and the new birdlife and other creatures which will call it home soon. As we sign off this project, we are reminded of the quote by Martin O’Malley which reads:


“Reversing deforestation is complicated; planting a tree is simple.” 



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