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Tropical Sale! 25% Discount

Get your tropical themed-garden going with our fantastic offer on selected tropical trees!


Less 25% on 1000-litre and bigger bag sizes. 

Valid until 28 February 2020, while stocks last.

Please see list of species available below.

List of species included in the tropical sale:

Botanical NameCommon Name
«Archontophoenix cunninghamianaKing Palm
«Butia capitataJelly Palm
«Cocos plumosaCocos Palm
«Dypsis lutescensGolden Cane Palm
«Howea forsterianaKentia Palm
«Pandanus utilisScrew Pine
«Phoenix canariensisCanary Date Palm
«Phoenix reclinataDate Palm
«Phoenix roebeleniiDwarf Date Palm
«Rauvolfia caffraQuinine Tree
«Strelitzia nicolaiWild Banana
«Trachycarpus fortuneiWindmill Palm
«Washingtonia filiferaDesert Fan Palm
«Washingtonia robustaFan Palm



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