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Big Trees Make Your Property Value Grow

Three huge benefits big trees offer you

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Big trees are in big demand today and it’s no wonder. Our fast-paced society likes instant results and property developers want the finished look of a new development with mature trees in place. Beyond the visual value that mature trees offer, there are other intrinsic and tangible benefits that come with having big, healthy trees on your property.
So consider the following when budgeting for tree care/preservation or installation on your existing, or soon-to-be-developed, properties.

1. Trees Increase Property Value

Numerous studies prove that properties with mature trees and beautiful landscaping attract buyers, shoppers, and tenants and demand premium prices. By boosting kerbside appeal, increasing privacy and creating an established feeling, you can be sure to attract prospective buyers.

2. Trees Save Energy and Benefit the Environment

Trees are a critical element in our collective effort for a more sustainable environment. Functioning ecosystems with healthy trees and vegetation help with stormwater management, pollutant filtration, and soil and water conservation. In the summer, the shade provided by trees cuts energy use. In the winter, deciduous trees that have lost its leaves let sun filter through and warm buildings and homes. In short, trees have a direct impact on energy use and resource conservation, and the healthier and bigger the trees and their canopy, the bigger the impact.

3. Trees Increase Well-Being and Reduce Crime

It’s no secret: trees and well-kept landscapes make the places we live, work, play, and do business more attractive. Trees provide tranquil spaces and shade and offer protection from wind, noise, and rain. Properly positioned and well-pruned trees make buildings more “human” in scale and help create a sense of place. Trees also help build community.

It Pays to Preserve and Plant Big Trees

Whether you’re weighing the costs of preserving mature trees on your property or planting big trees on a property you’re developing, consider the immediate and long-term benefits. Above all, work with a certified arborist to ensure the health of your trees and the value they offer will continue for years to come.



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