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Planting in the dark – Mountain Madness

heimo schulzer montage offloading

Going the extra mile(s)…


When Heimo Schulzer Gardensvalued Trees SA client, approached us to plant trees at a challenging and interesting location, we were delighted to assist them in this exciting project.


A stunning variety of 8 mature trees ranging in sizes from 500-litre to 3000-litre bag sizes were selected for the project. The property is situated in the beautiful mountain ranges of the Little Karoo.


We rounded up our best team and 4×4 crane truck for the job. The long and winding road from the “depot area” at the bottom to the top of the mountain required nerves of steel as we navigated the steep and narrow roads. By the 5th trip up the mountain, with a full load of trees, our drivers could take an advanced 4×4 drivers test in their sleep!


The day turned into night, but we were determined to finish the job in one day, and thus switched on the headlights, headlamps and cellphones and planted the last 2 trees under the Milkyway stars. When all was done and dusted, we looked around us and heard the sigh of relief as our trees found their roots in their new home, surrounded by the silence of the mountains. Bliss!


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