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Tree donated to newlyweds

May your love grow like a beautiful tree, sending roots deep and branches high, with new beauty every season of your life together.

tarchonanthus camphoratus wedding tree

Planting a tree is the easy part. Keeping it alive requires patience, commitment, and love. The same goes for a marriage. The wedding is the planting day, but the marriage is the rest of your life. This concept is something that the special wedding couple fully understood and embraced. 


They approached us to purchase a tree and we were just overcome with this lovely idea that we decided to share the love by donating a Wild Camphor Bush (Tarchonanthus camphoratus) tree to them. The species was selected to suit the coastal, windy conditions of Betty’s Bay where the tree was planted. This space is very special to the couple as they spend many weekends relaxing on the beach or catching the waves in the surf. 


We wish them all the best in their new adventure as a married couple.



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