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Trees for pots / containers

Containerised trees are a wonderful option if you only have a small garden, patio or balcony to grow your trees.

It is best to start by selecting a pot large enough to fit the root ball of the size tree you are considering planting. Container size will eventually determine how large your tree can grow as it gives you the opportunity to manipulate how large the tree is able to grow. You can choose between, clay, cement plastic, fibre-cement or permanent planters. Make sure that your container has enough drainage holes for water to drain out as trees will not tolerate water build-up. Use a good quality potting soil that will retain the correct amount water, but will also drain well.

It is also crucial to remember that containerised trees dry out much quicker than trees grown directly in the soil. For this reason, it is important to make sure that your container grown tree receives regular watering to ensure it flourishes.

The following trees can be considered when planning your container garden:




Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum

Tree Aloe

Aloidendron barberae

Silver Birch

Betula pendula

White Pear

Apodytes dimidiata

White Stinkwood

Celtis africana

Ponytail Palm

Beaucarnea recurvata

Common Wild Pear

Dombeya rotundifolia

Coast Silver Oak

Brachylaena discolour

Coral tree

Erythrina lysistemon

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Brunfelsia pauciflora

Fruiting Fig

Ficus carica


Camellia japonica

White Gardenia

Gardenia thumbergia

Lemon, Orang, Lime, Naartjie, Kumquat

Citrus sp.

Cross -berry

Grewia occidentalis

Cocos palm

Cocos plumosa

Tree Fuchsia

Halleria lucida

Pencil Cyprus

Cupressus sempervirens Stricta


Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Japanese Sago Cycad

Cycas revoluta

River Indigo

Indigofera jacunda


Diospyros whyteana

Pride of India

Lagerstroemia indica

Sand Olive

Dodonaea angustifolia

Tulip Magnolia

Magnolia X soulangeana


Encephalartos sp.


Malus domestica

Weeping Fig

Ficus benjamina

Crab Apple

Malus spectabilis

Laurel Fig

Ficus microcarpa (nitida)

Weeping Mulberry

Morus alba Pendula

Cape Jasmine

Gardenia augusta


Prunus domestica

Lavender Tree

Heteropyxis natalensis

Flowering Plum

Prunus cerasifera Nigra

Bay leaf

Laurus nobilis


Punica granatum ‘Bhagwa’

Little Gem magnolia

Magnolia grandiflora ‘Little Gem’


Pyrus communis

Johannesburg Gold

Melaleuca bracteata Jhb Gold


Rauvolfia caffra

Forest Elder

Nuxia floribunda


Virgilia oroboides

Wild Olive

Olea africana


Fruiting Olive

Olea europaea


Dwarf Date Palm

Phoenix roebelenii


Matipo tree

Pittosporum tenuifolium



Plumeria rubra


Henkel’s Yellowwood

Podocarpus henkelii



Ptaeroxylon obliquum


northern white-cedar

Thuja occidentalis


Natal Mahogany

Trichilia emetica


Windmill Palm

Trachycarpus fortunei


White Ironwood

Vepris undulata


Sweet Viburnum

Viburnum sinensis


Sandanqua Viburnum

Viburnum suspensum


Laurustinus viburnum

Viburnum tinus




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