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Nooitgedacht Village Estate

“Nooitgedacht Village forms part of the historic Nooitgedacht Estate in Stellenbosch. Surrounded by rolling vineyards and mountain vistas, it offers idyllic Stellenbosch Winelands living – experience traditional village life on 25ha steeped in splendour. Soak up spectacular panoramic views and a culture of true community in an authentic, sustainable Stellenbosch village.”


We are proud to announce that since 2013, our trees have helped shape and build this new estate into what it is today… and it’s still growing!

Beginning on vast open grounds, our trees were given a clean canvas to paint the scenery GREEN! There were no trees here when the project started in 2013… and now…. A total of 194 trees have been planted to date of which a third were 1000 litre bagged trees, which range in heights of 6-8 metres tall! Another 15% were even taller in the 2000 litre bag size, ranging in heights of 8-11 metres. 

In terms of tree species, you can find a large variety of trees to suit everyone’s taste and liking!

See our list below of species currently planted:

Caesalpinea ferrea – Leopard tree

Caladendron capense – Cape Chestnut

Celtis sinensis – White Stinkwood

Citrus limon – Lemon tree

Citrus x sinensis – Orange tree

Cuppressus sempervirens “Stricta” – Pencil/Graveyard Cypress

Ekebergia capensis – Cape Ash

Erythrina lysistemon – Coral tree

Ficus microcarpa – Laurel Fig

Ficus natalensis – Natal Fig

Harpephyllum caffrum – Wild Plum

Ilex mitis – Cape Holly

Kigelia africana – Sausage tree

Lagerstroemia indica – Pride-of-India

Liquidambar styraciflua – Sweet Gum

Magnolia grandiflora – Magnolia

Nuxia floribunba – Forest Elder

Platanus acerifolia – London Plane Tree

Ptaeroxylon obliquum – Sneezewood

Quercus nigra – Water Oak

Syzygium guineense – Water Pear

Taxodium disticum – Swamp Cypress

Trichellia emetica – Natal Mahogany


Our valuable aftercare service has ensured that the trees receive the correct amount of water and are treated regularly for any pests or diseases.

We trust this has added substantial value to the new estate. So the next time you’re driving through Stellenbosch, why not stop by the Nooitgedacht Village Estate and have a look for yourself?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

021 842 0003


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Nooitgedacht Village Stellenbosch

Landscape design and architecture done by Dennis Moss Partnership.



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