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Crossing oceans to green the world!

When you see shipping containers at the harbour, have you ever thought that there would be mature trees lying sideways inside? Well, this is what we have done in order to transport our trees across the Indian Ocean and arrive 4 weeks later in 50 degree UAE summer! The impossible made possible!

In September 2016, we packed 53 trees into 5 shipping containers. At an average of 7metres tall with 3m crowns, this was quite an interesting and challenging exercise for both us and our trees! And the fact that many were thorn trees made for an interesting few days…

Despite being pulled and packed tightly, crossing the Indian Ocean with no sunlight and almost no water, and arriving in 50-degree heat in UAE, our trees have proven that they are much more resilient than we thought!

We are proud to announce that our trees have arrived safely in their new home.

See more updated photos here of the trees planted in Dubai.



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