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About Trees South Africa

Developing an established garden can take many years. But why wait? With our many years of expertise and nurseries of tens of thousands of mature trees, we can help you create your ideal environment in a very short space of time.

From our humble beginnings in the early ‘80s, we’ve worked tirelessly to perfect production and supply methods that allow us to consistently produce South Africa’s highest quality container-grown trees, destined for a long life in your garden.

Gardens take many years to develop, but if you visit one of our tree nurseries and choose from our wide range of trees, you’ll transform your landscape in a matter of hours, not years.

What We Do

We have consistently been producing the highest quality container-grown trees in South Africa for the past 30 years. Today, we offer you arguably the widest selection of trees-from indigenous to exotic to special feature trees-that allows you to create your dream garden almost overnight.

Tree Monitoring - Trees South Africa

Newly planted trees don’t just establish themselves, contrary to popular belief. Our Aftercare, Monitoring and Assessment service assists in ensuring your new garden’s health and development through monthly soil moisture assessments and recommended irrigation adjustments.

Consulting Services - Trees South Africa

Arboriculture consulting is the practice of finding and cultivating foliage that truly fits within a particular environment. Our industry-leading Consultants use years of experience to determine what trees are most suitable for your landscape thus allowing you to make well-informed decisions for your future garden.

Tree Relocation Services - Trees South Africa

Moving a tree sounds simple, but factor in that it is alive and things become a little more difficult. Our tree experts are as mature as the trees they move and plant and have spent decades mastering the untold care and diligence required during this delicate procedure.

Trees for Cavendish Square Shopping Mall

Some 26 mature Liquidambars were installed in the passage ways occupied by trader stalls.

Camps Bay: tight spaces and large trees

In the winter of 2018, we installed and relocated mature giants in Camps Bay. Navigating a 3m wide corridor with a fat mobile crane posed quite the challenge.
  • “What a fantastic place. I had a guided tour with a very well informed sales person that gave some great input and information about each tree. The prices are much better than previous places we have visited and we are very excited to make our first big tree purchase. Thanks for such a lovely experience.”

    Niquelle Hagedorn-Hansen
  • “Excellent service. The staff members were friendly and professional and went the extra mile in assisting us. Beautiful trees at very reasonable prices.”

    Jessica Henderson
  • “Over the past two years we planted several trees and each time we were greeted with a smile, excellent recommendations and quality trees, well priced. Thank you Trees SA for your excellent service, friendly staff and on-time deliveries. We can highly recommend you.”

    Natascha Griessel-Mostert
  • “Just bought our first mature tree, and what a pleasure the whole experience was – from initial advice to final delivery and planting of our tree. Very happy and would definitely recommend!”

    Karina Berner

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