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Head Office
Tel: +27 (0)21 842 0003
Fax: +27 (0)866 161 955

Our production nurseries are maintained under strict supervision. Supremely cared for and nurtured, we only sell when the trees are 100% ready.
This means you're assured of top quality and a genuinely wholesale price.

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Aftercare Tree Monitoring

For the ultimate health and development of trees and to ensure that newly planted trees establish optimally, we also offer an optional Aftercare and Maintenance service to all our clients. This includes monthly visits to do Soil and Moisture Assessments as well as adjustments to irrigation if required.

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Consulting Consulting

Arboriculture consulting is the practice of finding the foliage that truly fits. What's best for your landscape needs? Have you matched the area of ground to the size of roots a relocated tree will put down?

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Relocation Relocation & Rescue

Are you using a tree expert to plant your trees who's as mature as the trees themselves? Relocation is a surprisingly delicate procedure that needs untold care and diligence. After all, it's a living thing you're moving.

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